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Value is the most difficult and the most subjective of all the categories Nightly Wingman rates establishments on. However, we feel that it is the most critical as this category will determine if it is worth it to visit the venue you are researching. Value is defined by Nightly Wingman as the benefit that you get for your money. We want to be clear that value is not simply an indicator of price. For instance, a bar with a cover charge and moderately expensive drinks that is a fantastic time will earn a high score. A bar with no entrance fee and cheap drinks that is empty and boring will score low on the value meter.


The service category is defined as the quality of the service you receive from ALL personnel working at the establishment. This includes but is not limited to: bouncers, waiters, bartenders, managers and security. A consistently rude bouncer will lower the service score of an establishment. While a friendly and efficiency bar staff will bring the score up. Additionally, and importantly it is the speed and accuracy at which your drink is received. Waiting for long periods of time to get a drink that is not what you asked for will drop a bar's service rating. Promptly receiving the drink you ordered every time is essential to achieving a high service score.


Atmosphere is tricky because it involves many components and like value is very subjective. The atmosphere of a bar is rated on several factors; most important being the vibe. Vibe is defined as the feeling and energy from that crowd at that bar. If there is a hostile environment at a specific establishment, it will receive a low atmosphere rating. The quality of music is also an essential factor that goes into the atmosphere calculation. Decor is another important factor, if the vibe and the music do not match the decor, the venue will not receive a high. Lastly, we have the cleanliness factor. Nightly wingman has been at too many bars with sticky floors and empty drinks littered all around. Clean up your venue and you will earn a high atmosphere score!


Location is the simplest of all of the criteria; it is simply the quality and ease of access to the location of the venue. An establishment in the heart of the city, near a T-stop, a parking garage and other bars and restaurants will earn a perfect score.


The criteria for selection is the size and quality of the drink menu. Keeping in mind that certain establishments are catering to certain audiences, a pub will not be discounted for its lack of martini selection. However, Nightly Wingman expects that the standards in beer, liquor and cocktails will be served at each location. A perfect score in the selection area indicates a vast drink menu with significant variety that appeals to multiple audiences.